Blog Fail!

Whoa, blog fail this week!

Trust me when I tell you, it was not an easy week. I didn’t make it home before 9 p.m. any day this week. Now, part of that was social, but it was also work-related social stuff.

So, slight recap:

Monday — Went to a huge work-related party that kicks of the Florida legislative session. Lots of good food (the most amazing jambalaya) and drinks. Home at about 9:30 p.m.

Tuesday — Didn’t leave work until about 8:20 p.m., then went to the gym, ate dinner and collapsed in bed.

Wednesday — Went out with my company’s lawyer to talk about how to imrove my coverage of the legal system. Chardonnay and stuffed mushrooms were involved. There was also some hob nobbing with various political people.

Thursday — I should have been home early, but three coworkers talked me into a “let’s blow off steam and play some pool” at a local establishment.

Friday — My friends made their usual Friday appearance for $1 margaritas, but I just drank ice tea and was mocked for it. I’d had enough to drink this week. This was followed by a 10 p.m. trip to our favorite Chinese restaurant. General Tso’s, yum!

Recap: I wrote 11 stories, ate lots of leftovers and went to a lot of happy hours. But, I was still really stressed out from the week. The legislative session puts a lot of pressure on reporters — very long hours, lots to cover, etc. I realized next week that I need to be in two places at once, which somehow I doubt is going to work out.

But, to blow of all this stress. There, was a beach trip!

How can you hate this view?

St. George Island is about 90 minutes from Tallahassee, and each year, the fire department hosts a chili cook-off. It’s basically a big party down at the beach. So, Saturday morning, my friends and I packed a cooler of water and beer and headed to the island.

Girl picture

Boy picture

So, all and all, it was a good week, but there was very little cooking and/or blogging. So, my apologies. I have a stack of cookbooks sitting next to me, so I can figure out this week’s menu. I’m thinking it will be a little calmer than last week, so I might actually get home at a decent hour. Keep your finger’s crossed!


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