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Pasta, Pasta and More Pasta

I think I ate a pound of pasta last night.

At least it felt like it. I spent the afternoon at a Florida State baseball game, followed up by a four-mile walk. By the end of all that, I was starving. But I didn’t want to do something too complicated, given that the Oscars were coming on.

The result was shrimp and pasta.

Ingredients: 1/2 pound of shrimp, whole wheat pasta, tomato sauce, one clove garlic chopped finely, 1 tbsp olive oil, Parmesan cheese (optional)

Directions: Boil water and cook pasta. Meanwhile, heat tbsp of olive oil in large pan, add garlic and cook shrimp, about five to six minutes. Add tomato sauce to shrimp to heat, while pasta finishes cooking. Drain pasta and top with shrimp and sauce. Add parmesan if so desired.

I made way too much and managed to eat all of it (I was really hungry), but I’d probably use smaller portions next time. Obviously, the amount of pasta is up to you. It was so tasty though.

OK, off to work I go. Happy Monday, everyone!

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