Reporting From the Miami Airport

Happy Saturday!

I’m live at the Miami International Airport waiting for my flight back to Tallahassee.  The trip to Miami, though work-related, was just what I needed. Work has been so hectic lately that this was almost like a vacation. I got some pool time in, plus some shopping and Cuban food. Yum!

Anyway, I figured I’d post some article links while I hang out in the airport waiting for my flight.

*Mark Bittman at the NY  Times writes about the pasta dish hiding in your pantry. Who doesn’t turn to pasta when they don’t know what to cook or don’t feel like cooking. I love spaghetti personally.

*If you haven’t heard it enough yet, CNN beats the drum about learning to cook as a fix to childhood obesity.

* My friend Stephanie was asking if I was going to do any Passover recipes for the blog (she is Jewish; I am Presbyterian). But given that I don’t know what qualifies as a Passover recipe, I figured I’d go to the web. The Detroit Free-Press interviews cooks who put spins on classics, the Philadelphia Inquirer looks at a scholar’s Passover feast, and USA Today interviews Chef Marshall Goldstein on healthy tips for the holy days.

* Calorie labeling by law? A lot of states are following the lead of NYC and California by proposing calorie labeling at restaurants. In Florida, lawmakers proposed it, but the legislation doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

OK, that’s it for me. I’ve got about 40 minutes left before my laptop dies, then the latest issue of Bon Appetit and Our Man in Havana to keep me occupied. Then, it’s back to Tally and out for a friend’s bday tonight!

Adios amigos!


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