Crawling Out of My Hole

Do you ever have those days where you’re just struggling to keep your head above water, when you’re so busy that you just try to get through your day just so you can go to sleep?

Welcome to my March and April.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a reporter for a start-up news service that covers state government and politics in Tallahassee, Fla. We’re kind of a Politico for state government.  And March/April is our busy time, the legislative session. My schedule gets turned so upside down that I sometimes I don’t even know what time of day it is or if it is sunny outside. I’ve also joked that you could market the legislative-session diet: Get so busy you don’t have time to eat and run up an down stairs at the capitol building all day. It’s definitely not the healthiest method, but it seems to happen, or at least it has happened to me, the past two years.

I’m saying all this (and note to coworkers who read this, I do love my job!) to apologize for my lack of posting lately. Because of my hectic schedule, I haven’t really cooked much at all. Yesterday, I worked from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and I had spaghetti for dinner because I didn’t really feel like cooking.

I’m trying to crawl out of my hole and get back on track with cooking (and exercising — that has declined too). I made a chicken pesto wrap for lunch yesterday before I had to report for work and I do have plans to make chicken salad sometime this week (tomorrow I hope!), but nothing too fantastic. I’m hoping this weekend, I can really get back on my “learn to be a better cook” plan, which is the whole point of this blog.

But for now, a whole bunch of links for recipes I want to try!

Kale chips

Carrot Cake

Sun-dried tomato basil bread

Herb roasted whole chicken


And a bunch more from my cookbooks at home! OK, I’m about to leave work (it’s 7:20 p.m.). Hope to see you soon with a new recipe!


One thought on “Crawling Out of My Hole

  1. Ooh those kale chips look yummy! A tip on the carrot cake – if you halve the recipe it makes 12 cupcakes. Just reduce cooking time to approx 12-15 minutes.

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