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Some Pumpkin Pancakes With Your News

Good morning!

I have this addiction that I don’t believe I’ve mentioned. It’s called Fresh Market. I would really buy out the whole store if I could, but then I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent and I really don’t want to move. But I saw this on the shelves the other day.

Ingredients: 1 cup pancake mix, 1 egg, 3/4 cup water or milk

Directions: Mix thoroughly and measure out 1/4 cup at a time onto a frying pan. Flip pancake when it starts to bubble. I got seven pancakes out of the batter, but I probably could have squeezed another one out.

Serving: I had mine with fresh strawberries on top. I should have also used a little butter and cinnamon on top of it in retrospect, but I liked the freshness of just the pancake with the strawberries.

And while I ate, I got caught up on some news…

*Another way to cook asparagus. I kind of like asparagus, but I only want it once in a while, and you aways have to buy a bunch at a time, which doesn’t work when it’s just me. My favorite way to cook it is with olive oil and parmesan.

* Another Jamie Oliver story from the town he helped healthify (yes, making up words today). I really need to make something from his cookbook. I have a bunch of things marked, but haven’t pulled the trigger.

* A new Indian cooking Web site has been launched by Milwaukee Public Television. I am now craving Indian food.

* And because I love breakfast food (and Bon Appetit), a breakfast slide show.


2 thoughts on “Some Pumpkin Pancakes With Your News

  1. I have a lot to comment on this entry. First, the pancakes look delicious. I have been known to blend butter with honey for a yummy honey-butter which may have been good on top of that too. I caught Oliver’s food revolution and I think it is great. We grew up with that processed food and now that I am adult I am trying to find a taste for natural foods, but nothing beats chicken nuggets! And as far as Indian food, I haven’t found anything with “paneer” on the menu I don’t like.

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