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Diced Tomatoes

I only used about half of the diced tomatoes I bought for my pasta dish and for a while, I didn’t know what to do with the rest of them. Then, a friend mentioned she had made bruschetta for dinner the other night. And that solved that problem.

I’ve never actually made bruschetta and I didn’t look up a recipe. I just sort of mixed some very Italian-sounding ingredients into a bowl. And it worked!

The only thing I may add if I make it again is some fresh basil. It would probably give it an extra kick. And I believe you can never add too much basil.

Ingredients: Diced tomatoes (amount depending on how much you want to make), 1 tbsp olive oil, two pinches of bread crumbs, parmesan cheese to taste, baguette bread

Directions: Mix tomatoes, olive oil, bread crumbs and cheese together.  Serve on top of bread. Optional: Heat /Toast bread

I served the bruschetta with some slices of mozzarella cheese, strawberries and carrots. I was basically in the mood for a really light, summery meal. And this was perfect.

I could eat like this forever. So good!


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