Saturday News

Good morning!

It’s far too early Saturday morning, but I went to bed pretty early, so I’m up. I’m headed to Destin Beach in a few hours with my pal Lindsay. We figured it would be a good weeked to go because the oil slick has not yet hit there. 😦

Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted any newsy items, so here it goes…

* Some easy, tasty spaghetti dishes from the Today Show. Mmmm pasta.

* Top camp fire cooking tips. I love cooking over a fire. I haven’t done so in ages, but I was a Girl Scout from about 5 to 18, so I had plenty of chances. My favorites were breakfast burritos and steak, though I do have a soft spot for mountain pies and obviously s’mores.

* Tips to properly grill sausage by Michael Ruhlman. I actually really needed help with this. I feel like I am always burning the outside in order to properly cook the inside.

* 10 ways to bake and cook with coconut. My personal favorite use of coconut — Samoas, the Girl Scout cookie.

OK, time to get some breakfast and prepare for the two hour sojourn to Destin. Also, I will be momentarily posting a bruschetta blog post that I wrote earlier this week during my blog hiatus.

Happy Saturday!


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