Some Days You Just Need A Breakfast Burrito

There are some mornings where you just want a breakfast burrito (and some yogurt and Glamour).

I never know how much to eat in the morning. I always eat too little and then am hungry at 10:30 a.m.  -11 a.m. This is magnified if I go to the gym in the morning. I usually eat some fruit pre workout and then cereal afterward. Today, I just had water pre 2-mile walk down the ginormous hill and back up from my apartment to Publix, and went for the breakfast burrito and yogurt post.

I guess it wasn’t truly a breakfast burrito because I didn’t have meat or really any veggies to add in. I just made eggs with some onions. I also had some peach yogurt. In total, probably about a 350 calorie breakfast, but really filling. It’s about noon and I’m still not hungry.

Ingredients: One egg scrambled with milk, diced onions, cooking spray, wheat tortilla (I use the Smart & Delicious brand). Normally, I would add green peppers and tomato as well and maybe some shredded cheddar cheese.

Directions: Scramble egg with milk and cook over high heat (after spraying pan). Slice onions (as many as desired) and add to egg and let cook for about another minute.  Pepper to taste and wrap in tortilla. Eat!


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