Welcome Home!

I’m in Pittsburgh! 🙂

I arrived home at about 6 p.m. to a very happy dog, two smiling parents and a lot of food. Just when I think I’m getting this cooking thing down, I realize I know nothing compared to Mom. I came  home to a dinner of grilled ribs, zucchini with walnuts and a baked potato. On the kitchen counter, there was a jar with some sort of leafy herb, which I found out was tarragon (She’s making tarragon vinegar) .

Not much cooking for me this weekend, though Sarah and I are going to whip up a birthday dessert for our mom. (I’m not allowed to say how old she is, but she likes to point out that she doesn’t have to color her hair despite her baby boomer status). But I may share a few of my mom’s recipes simply because they are too good not to have.

I’m off to fun and adventures with my sister. Happy Friday!

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