Pittsburgh Restaurant Tour

How’s everybody’s holiday weekend going? Hope it’s lots of fun. I’ve been having such a great time during my trip home. I feel like I’ve gained 10 pounds from all the food, but I’ve also been running all around town too.  Needless to say, I have not cooked at all.  I’ve left that to my Mom and Dad. I believe grilled steak is on the menu tonight. (In my defense, I do have a few recipes I plan on stealing from my mom, so that makes up for it, right?)

So, I’ll just have to blog about all the great food I had this weekend so far. It was like a culinary trip around the world on Friday and Saturday.  The best part was that I’d never been to any of these places before. I love trying new places! And if you are in Pittsburgh any time soon, these are all great places to try.

Thai food in Shadyside for Friday lunch. I had spicy rice noodles with chicken on a spicy level of 5. It’s basically flat rice noodles stir-fried with bean sprouts, fresh basil and mixed vegetables in a spicy garlic sauce. It was amazing. My sister got eggplant basil, her usual choice at that restaurant. It’s eggplant and other mixed vegetables with a whole lot of basil and a garlic sauce. Also delicious. Why oh why can’t I find good Thai food in Tallahassee?

French crepes for dessert in  East Liberty after a trip to see “Letters to Juliet” at the theater.  OK, there was a crepe, some chocolate (Sarah had nutella actually) and some ice cream. How could you really go wrong? My sister has been obsessed with crepes since she studied abroad in Paris last summer, and she found this place when she got home. I was more than happy to go there with her.

German food at a South Side restaurant for my mom’s birthday lunch  Saturday.   My sister and I both ordered a sandwich that was a potato pancake, topped with ham and swiss and then a German cheese, tomato and bacon. I couldn’t even finish the whole thing. There was just a bit too much cheese, which sort of overwhelmed the taste of the potato pancake. Exhibit A.

They also brewed their own beer. I had the lager, but my sister and grandfather were more adventurous and tried one with hints of banana (yes, banana) and cloves.

From outside the restaurant, you also get a different perspective of the city.

I think I’m done eating out for the weekend. My parents are grilling tonight and then we’re headed to my grandpa’s house tomorrow for a Memorial Day picnic. His sisters and at least one niece are also driving up for it. I haven’t seen my great aunts since my grandfather’s 80th birthday party, right before I moved to Florida almost two years ago!


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