Summertime And The Livin’ Is Easy…

Does anyone else love that song?  A little Ella to start off your summery Saturday morning.

Things are much better here after my awful bug incident. I saw one flying around this morning, but it is so much better than the other night. That being said, all of my dishes are still on the kitchen table and some food is still packed up in a box in my room. But, I’m not going to let it get me down.

Instead, I’m going to have all of this delicious fruit for breakfast and just link like crazy to all the food stories I read this week. Isn’t all the fruit one of the best parts of summer? I love watermelon!

* First Lady Michelle Obama’s mission to curb childhood obesity is moving forward as chefs start marching into public schools. On Friday, Obama and a group of chefs launched an adopt-a-school program that will have big time chefs teaching healthy cooking methods to schools — Washington Post and Huffinton Post report.

* The LA Times classes up some quesadillas. I usually stick to cheddar and chicken or cheddar and veggies, but using brie, goat cheese or feta sounds amazing too.

* This I just found to be funny. It’s seven dishes every guy should know how to cook. I had randomly typed “cooking” into Google News and this blog Guyism came up. I’d honestly be worried if a guy didn’t at least know how to make grilled cheese.

* Did you know there was a pumpkin shortage going on? Libby’s, which dominates the canned pumpkin market, has six cans left of its 2009 inventory, reports the Washington Post. All I’m saying is, they better fix that before the fall. I want my pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie come October/November. I actually had been wondering why I didn’t see it on the shelves at my local grocery store, but I simply figured they didn’t carry it out of season. Well, now I know.

* And a little bloggy round-up: 50 Healthy Foods For Under $1 a Pound by the green cheapskate, Michael Ruhlman’s Italy travels (I really want to go to Italy!), and classic pasta primavera from Simply Recipes (My mom makes that all the time).

That’s it. Time to get moving. I’ve been lazing about all morning. Happy Saturday!


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