Murder, South America & Oysters

Good morning!

Ever have those Saturdays where you’ve slept eight hours but you just want to stay in bed? That’s me right now. It hasn’t impaired my ability to type an exclamation mark and seem peppy, but if the blog suddenly doesn’t make sense, I apologize. I blame the sleepiness.

What’s everyone up to today? My tentative plans include blogging, swimming, maybe shopping and then World Cup watching at a local drinking establishment with some friends. I don’t really have a favorite soccer team, so I’m just going to cheer for Team USA.

Anyone out there a big futbol fan with a favorite team?

Now, on to the Saturday morning food newsiness. 🙂

* What happens when your cookbook co-author is accused of murder for hire, asks the LA Times. Eeesh. Ripped from the headlines…

* The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Gotta plug my hometown paper) reviews a Brazilian cookbook that has some seriously tasty looking recipes like molton dulce de leche cake. Another PG writer discovers that there’s an effort to start a gluten-free food pantry for people with celiac disease.

* From the New York Times’ Diner’s Journal… bbq tools for your summer cookout needs and  and a sad story about the oil spill shutting down the nation’s oldest oyster shucking company.

* 7 ingredients to keep in stock for Latin cooking from the Seattle Times and an Argentinian alternative to the grill — a griddle.

* And because the Washington Post is one of my favorite newspapers, an article from its Food Section. A Post columnist builds a feast around Chesapeake Bay crabs. Who wouldn’t want to go to that?


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