Sunny Saturdays…

I love summer Saturdays, don’t you? I’ve already been to the pool (us sunburn prone people like to go early) and now I’m relaxing, running some errands and reading. There might also be a cookout in the works for today — the text messages are flying as we speak. I love cookouts. Just give me a hot dog, some watermelon and maybe a brownie and I’m happy. It doesn’t take much. 🙂

Anyway, some food news with your Saturday brunch…

*Apparently, cooking for the G-8 is no big deal. I’d like to be that cool and collected.

* Lots of articles on TV cooking shows this week. The Post asks if watching cooking shows can teach you to cook and the “Today Show” talks about the drama of “Top Chef.”

* 5 steps to a great kitchen, from the AP. I like my kitchen, but it could be better. Maybe I should take some advice from this piece.

* Apparently, basil is under attack by an aggressive fungal disease. I’m not sure if I’m more upset about this or the pumpkin shortage I included in my news roundup a few weeks back.

* Alison at the Journal-Sentinel wraps up her week as a vegetarian and provides a few recipes. I think I’m going to have to make the sweet potato gnocchi she included. It looks so delicious.

OK, I’m out. Enjoy the summer day!


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