A Little Chicken Salad Twist

Quick lunch update…

I drove home for lunch since it was a light day at work and was going to make chicken salad again (I had only used about half the chicken breast the other night), when I got the idea to add curry. I first had curry chicken salad when I lived in Springfield, Ill. and I’ve been smitten with the dish ever since. In my ideal world, I would have had pecans or walnuts to add to the chicken salad, but I didn’t have any handy.

So we had the chicken (OK, it’s the pic I took the other night, so cut it in half). If not using leftovers, sprinkle the chicken breast with salt and pepper and boil until cooked. Then shred the chicken.

Some red seedless grapes…

Add mayo (about 1 tbsp)  and as much curry as your heart desires (sorry, forgot to take individual pictures of those things). Stir it all together and put it on a wrap.

Add some fruit and veggies on the side, pour yourself some lemonade, and you have lunch!


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