Saturday, Saturday

You ever have those weeks where you just don’t really feel like cooking? You rely on easy standards or don’t really cook at all?

That’s been me the past few weeks. I confess to eating watermelon for dinner one night (In my defense, I love watermelon and I wasn’t overly hungry). And of course, then there was last night when I decided this would be a good plan.

Breakfast for dinner anyone?

I’m hoping to break out of that this coming week, but that’s going to have to wait at least until Sunday night because in a few hours I’m headed to St. George Island for what promises to be an epic beach weekend. The return blog post will be everything you need for a successful beach weekend.

And until then, the news…

*How to grill a fish? Ask the Grillmaster at Bon Appetit. I love grilled fish. My parents make this amazing grilled trout wrapped in bacon. Sadly, I’m not allowed a grill at my apartment. 😦

* Though the digital age is affecting the sale of novels, cookbooks are still selling, publishers say. I think I’m comfortable with both looking at a recipe online and one in print, but I also know I occasionally miss stuff when I’m constantly going back and forth to my computer. Hmm.

* Beer can chicken and a grilled vegetable torte from the New York Times. Enough said.

* Reclaim your lunch hour, says a Washington Post writer. Cook at work if you can. I’m pretty lucky and go home for lunch on days that aren’t busy. I do have days (mostly during two months in the spring) where lunch sometimes occurs at 3  p.m. or I scarf something down  in between meetings.

* And totally unrelated, but have you seen “I Write Like”? You plug a few paragraphs of your writing into a box and it tells you who you write like. For journalism, it says I write like David Foster Wallace and for the blog, I got Agatha Christie. It’s such a delicious time waster.

OK, gotta run. I have stuff to pick up before I head off to the beach. Happy trails!


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