From The Campaign Trail

Hi folks, happy Saturday!

There has been barely any cooking this week because I was trying to clear out my refrigerator. Why so? I’m on the campaign trail.D

For my real job, I’m covering the Florida governor’s race and following around Rick Scott for a few days. (I started Friday and will return to Tallahassee Monday night). But, for now, a few articles.

* All about cookbooks. Hate to cook? It’s here. Culinary basics? That’s here too.

* Jamie Oliver has a new show in Britain because he’s not busy enough.

* Cooking classes surge in attendance, the Post-Dispatch reports. (internship employer love)

* The best way to grill corn…I could go for some now.

* The Post has a new BBQ column. Mmm that would go nicely with the corn. (I’m getting hungry now and we’re somewhere in the middle of Florida on the way to the next stop. Me thinks my love for bbq will have to wait. It’s also only 10:22 a.m. )

OK,  time to get back to my real job.


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