Happy Sunday

I realized I didn’t do the usual Saturday newsy round-up.  Slacking on the news side here.

So, anyway, here you go.

* A few recipes —Tomato, artichoke pasta from the Detroit Free Press, tuna salad, chicken fajitas and cheesecake from and cocktail recipes from Bon Appetit’s top 10 bars.

* Frozen desserts from Bon Appetit. See, I was good with just sitting on the couch eating sorbet until I saw some of these. 🙂

* Wood fire baking in Vermont. Road trip anyone?

* Wine or beer with your meal? I love wine, but there are certain things I don’t want it with. For example, I want a beer with a sandwich or burger, not wine.

* Lots of things to do with blueberries. I’m not a huge blueberry fan, but I acknowledge that many people are.

OK, that’s it. I need to extricate myself from my overly comfy chair and run some errands. Happy Sunday!


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