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Weekend Recap

This weekend sort of got away from me. I’m not really sure how because I didn’t do all that much, but it did.

There was cooking, however.

Some roasted veggies and corn on the cob. Side note: I love squash, but for whatever reason, this was the first time I ever bought it. Delicious.

Some flounder stuffed with feta and tomatoes… A recycled picture, but I am pretty sure I had the same side of veggies.


Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I made them for a friend’s housewarming party, but saved a few for myself. Love this recipe.

Also, because I failed to do any newsy foodie notes this weekend, here are a few.

* Popsicles are en vogue. But let’s be honest, did they ever really go out of style? I might have to add them to my grocery list. Sounds wonderful right now.

* No cook recipes from the CBS Early Show.

* Italian lentil salad from the PG, chocolate nutella cookies from Simply Recipes (Gotta make sure my sister sees that one), and cheesy zucchini pizza from Jenna at Eat, Live Run.

* And in the politicians will do anything category… In Florida this weekend, candidates flocked to the annual possum festival in Wausau, Fla. And, a few even tried possum. Not going to be on my dinner menu any time soon, but to each his own.

So, basically that was everything rolled into one blog post. Roasted veggies, flounder, cookies and possum. And now, it’s off to work I go!


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