On The Move!

Trying to cram as much as I can into my sister’s and papa’s visit to Florida without exhausting everyone! So, a real quick blog post before we hit up downtown Tally for dinner. Needless to say, I haven’t been cooking a lot during their visit.

We spent yesterday in Destin Beach, a beautiful part of the Panhandle where we checked out a local wine cellar, ate seafood (seriously, I know a tuna melt sounds boring, but it was amazing) and hung out on the white sand. Well, my sister and I kind of ditched my grandfather for the last part. The last time he went to the beach involved chasing Sarah, then 5, around Clearwater Beach.

And today, after driving back from Destin, we hit up Mission San Luis, an quit old Spanish mission in Tallahassee that is really quite cool. Well, I suppose that only applies if you are a history nerd like me.  🙂

So,  anyway, a few articles real quick, and then pics.

* Slow roasted grouper.  I’d never even eaten grouper until I moved to Florida. Actually, I eat a lot more seafood in general now that I live here.  (No complaints!)

* The Times of India says cooking Chinese food like a native can be easy.  I’m guessing General Tso’s is not a native dish. Hmm.

* Tomato desserts? I’m skeptical, but let’s see what the Post says.

* Now, representing the wine industry couldn’t be a bad job, right? Bill Nelson, head of Wine America, steps down, the Washington Post reports.

* Here’s what the Minimalist has to say about moister, more flavorful chicken.

And now pictures, to send you on your way. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!


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