Getting Back to Normal

Happy Monday!

OK, not ready for that cheerfulness yet? I have the day off since it’s my grandfather’s and sister’s last day in town. 😦  So, it’s another quick blog post before I’m off for the day.

With the heat exhaustion, cold and now family in town, I haven’t had much time to exercise and I’ve been eating out a lot. So, I kind of just feel blah. Do you ever feel like that when you’ve been eating out too much?

Thus, I spent a few minutes putting together this week’s menu, focusing on healthier foods. Thus, here is my back on track menu.


Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Jimmy johns (My sister is craving it and is having withdrawal because there aren’t any near her)

Dinner: Still up in the air, but my grandpa isn’t a big eater. So, I’m thinking huge salad, French bread with mozzarella and fruit.


B: Oatmeal

L: Turkey sandwich and fruit

D: Roasted veggie platter


B: Oatmeal

L: Baked sweet potato and corn on the cob

D: Pesto chicken wrap and salad


B: Peanut butter toast and fruit

L: chicken salad, fruit

D: Turkey burgers


B: Scrambled eggs

L: Turkey burger leftover

D: Wheat pasta with veggies, salad


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