Sunday Morning News Goodies

Eesh, I don’t want to be awake yet!

So, I’m compromising by blogging in my pajamas. The gym and errands will be gotten to eventually. 🙂

Not much to report today, so, let’s just go straight to the news.

* First, recipes.  Pioneer Woman, you steal my heart with this portabello-prosciutto burger. I want one right now. And for dessert, I want Alison’s peach crumble. This tomato dinner also looks pretty tasty.

* Washington Post’s ‘Cooking for One’ columnist Joe Yonan advises readers to make friends with the shallot, basically, because it is smaller than an onion.

* USDA is launching a pilot program creating incentives to eat fruits and veggies.  For whatever reason, my mom and dad never struggled to get Sarah or I to eat fruits and vegetables, something that occasionally amazed other adults. We loved getting the salad bar when we were little.  So, that being said, I guess I’m always surprised when people say they don’t like to eat vegetables.

* You’ve heard of a chili cook-off, but what about one for jambalaya? Count me in! Well, at least for the eating! I’m taking a stab at jambalaya later this week.

* A former Rocky Mountain News food editor becomes an advocate for healthy eating, the Denver Post reports.

* I just came across this piece in the San Francisco Chronicle where a chef/food writer is trying to teach her boyfriend how to cook. Maybe I can pick up some tips!

OK< that’s all for me.  Happy Sunday to you all!

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