Election Day Jambalaya

Happy primary day, Florida!

So, it’s the primary today in Florida, which for me, means a pretty late night at work. I’m covering the attorney general’s race, but we won’t find out the results until pretty late.

That means I didn’t start work until noon. 🙂

And, it meant I made jambalaya for lunch.

Now, I know I went on my tirade about how I should be focusing on really trying more complicated recipes, but I sort of failed on this one. I’ve been craving jambalaya for a while now and was on a limited time frame, so I used a mix.

Don’t judge.

I’m justifying it by  saying that I’ve never made jambalaya at all (I actually only ever ate it for the first time a year ago), so I wanted to see how this worked out.  It’s a learning process…or something.

Next time, no mix.

Ingredients: The Zatarain jambalaya mix, 1 pound andouille sausage (you can use chicken, sausage, ham, seafood, or a combo), 2.5 cups water

Directions: Pour 2.5 cups water into large pot and bring to a boil. Cut the sausage links into small pieces.  Pour in the jambalaya mix and sausage and return to boil. Then lower heat, cover and allow to simmer for 25 minutes.

It kind of looks gross there in the picture (the lighting maybe), but it was quite tasty. The sausage was deliciously spicy and it made a good lunch.

From a health perspective, it’s clearly not the healthiest meal. However, it is really easy and quick.  Each serving (it makes 6) is about 367 calories by my calculation.  I probably had about 1.5 serving and paired it with a fruit salad to achieve some sort of balance.

I paired it with fruit salad to achieve some sort of balance. Deliciousness.

OK, back to work!


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