Home Ec, Eggs and Salmon

Nashville news update… OK, not really, just the Sunday news clips.

First off, I know it’s morning, but I just want this.

But in other news…

* The LA Times had a really interesting story on how home economics has evolved over the years. Did everyone have to take that in school? I had to take a semester of sewing and a semester of cooking in junior high. I would have loved to take cooking in high school, but I had no time.

* 36 hours in Sonoma. Let’s go!

* Southern cuisine via Charleston in the Washington Post. I wouldn’t mind going there either.

* More on the egg recall

* Tips on barbecuing chicken and on cooking sockeye salmon.

OK, time to get moving. Lots planned for the last day in Nashville!


One thought on “Home Ec, Eggs and Salmon

  1. We had the option in middle school (aka jr high) to take band, chorus or art/home ec (1 semester of each). I can’t tell if it’s more a commentary on starving artists needing to support themselves by taking housekeeping jobs or a throw-back to the cadres of girls seeking “art history” degrees while looking for their MRS… Anyway, it was an odd choice to be presented with in 5th grade.

    I chose band (quite to the surprise of my mother) but still manage to rock the “domestic arts” without the school boards help.

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