Home Ec, Eggs and Salmon

Nashville news update… OK, not really, just the Sunday news clips.

First off, I know it’s morning, but I just want this.

But in other news…

* The LA Times had a really interesting story on how home economics has evolved over the years. Did everyone have to take that in school? I had to take a semester of sewing and a semester of cooking in junior high. I would have loved to take cooking in high school, but I had no time.

* 36 hours in Sonoma. Let’s go!

* Southern cuisine via Charleston in the Washington Post. I wouldn’t mind going there either.

* More on the egg recall

* Tips on barbecuing chicken and on cooking sockeye salmon.

OK, time to get moving. Lots planned for the last day in Nashville!


One comment

  1. Scraps · August 30, 2010

    We had the option in middle school (aka jr high) to take band, chorus or art/home ec (1 semester of each). I can’t tell if it’s more a commentary on starving artists needing to support themselves by taking housekeeping jobs or a throw-back to the cadres of girls seeking “art history” degrees while looking for their MRS… Anyway, it was an odd choice to be presented with in 5th grade.

    I chose band (quite to the surprise of my mother) but still manage to rock the “domestic arts” without the school boards help.

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