Your Favorite Breakfast

What’s your favorite breakfast?

As much as I love pancakes, it’s definitely not what I eat every day. I usually have oatmeal, but I think one of my favorite breakfasts is a good breakfast burrito (made over a campfire of course).

My favorite breakfast burritos are made campfire style with potatoes, sausage, eggs and onions. But in my kitchen, I was lacking everything but the eggs and the tortilla. So, I went eggs, red pepper and a sprinkling of colby jack.

Then, inexplicably, I paired it with strawberry yogurt and blueberries. I don’t even really like blueberries, but for whatever reason, I bought some the other day. (They were cheap, they’re good for you, etc)

Breakfast perfection! No, really. It’s light and tasty, but it’s really good fuel too.

OK, that’s it for me! I’m getting an oil change and then hitting the road to Atlanta to meet up with my friend Katie. We’ve been friends for 20 years! No seriously, since kindergarten.

The only sad part is that I will likely not be able to hear/watch the first Penn State game of the season.  But, this youtube video says it all about PSU. LET’S GO STATE!

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