24 Hours In Atlanta

You can’t beat hanging with your oldest pal in a big city can you?

I think not.

But, we only had 24 hours! We got there a little later than planned because of some unexpected hitches in my day Saturday and Katie had to be back at work Monday.  No day off for her.

But, we still managed to pack in Centennial Park, Copeland’s for brunch (they had live jazz and really tasty buttermilk biscuits), the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library (I’m a nerd, I know)  and the Underground (felt like I could have skipped it, but I hear it’s more fun at night). I feel like there was so much left to see! And to save money, we stayed a little bit northwest of the city, which was actually perfect. Really easy access to downtown and a good price for a Marriott (my favorite hotel chain).

So much more to do, but a limited time frame. I felt like it was a decent 24-hour itinerary though.  We also walked around downtown and saw the state capitol building and Georgia State University.

Sorry for the lack of pics. WordPress doesn’t seem to want to upload them right now. Grr.


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