And the News

I left my laptop in my apartment when I went to Atlanta, so I couldn’t post the weekly news stories. So, here it goes.

* Is cooking for one a waste of time and money, the Wall Street Journal asks? You’re killing me here, but I do see the point.  I rarely make spinach pie because I can’t really cut it in half and it doesn’t freeze well. So, I have to eat it for a whole week straight to finish it off. And it’s not the type of thing you want every day. For the most part though, I think you can adapt.

* Is home cooking hazardous to your health? The AP reports that if home kitchens had to undergo a restaurant-style health inspection, only 61 percent would get an A or a B. Eesh.

* Making artisan bread with the Seattle P-I. Ok by me.’

* A meatless Labor Day picnic.

* Sen. Dianne Feinstein in Politico on food safety legislation.

Well, I’m off to join a friend for a hike in a nearby park. Happy Labor Day!


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