Goat Meatballs and IHOP

There are many things I like about living Tallahassee: It’s gorgeous from November through April. There are lots of outdoor activities. And the people are very friendly.

But one of the downsides is it kind of feels like a big suburb sometimes. It’s chain restaurant city, which was never more evident than today at the Tallahassee Food Festival, where the vendors with the longest lines included IHOP and Blue Bell ice cream. (I confess the ice cream was really good and I did sample some breakfast food)

The day-long event is a benefit for the American Red Cross and my friend Lindsay and I figured we should check it out. Why not combine lunch and charity? Only $8 to sample everything.

The most interesting food was actually from the company that caters events for the civic center. They served  shrimp hors d’oeuvres and goat meatballs in some sort of honey mustard sauce. The meatballs were interesting — a little gristly I thought, but very flavorful.

I also snagged a piece of Godiva chocolate, a cookie, some coffee and a bag from EarthFare, which is opening a store in Tallahassee in December.

Not much cooking happening this evening because in roughly 50 minutes the PSU v. Alabama game will be on. Love ya Lions!

And to get you in game day mood, here’s some Blue Band music for you.


One thought on “Goat Meatballs and IHOP

  1. We thought about going today but figured it would be just as you described–chain restaurant grazing.

    I interned with the Sales Office of the Civic Center in high school and their chefs and kitchen staff have always been top notch.

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