Scrambled Eggs With A Side Of News

My Blue and White soul is a little beaten down after last night’s massacre of the Nittany Lions, but I suppose it could be worse.

But we must move on, mainly to the NFL since it’s Sunday. I’m now pinning my hopes on the Steelers, who face off against the Falcons this afternoon. One of my friends (An Atlanta native) and I have already engaged in some lighthearted trash talk about the game over BBM, so Steelers, you better not let me down!

Until then, make some scrambled eggs, drink some tea/coffee/oj and read the news!

* Finally, Cleveland gets some love. No, not the Browns, for I certainly would not be excited about that. I actually really love Cleveland, which people often find funny because you don’t often hear people expressing love for Ohio city. The restaurant scene gets written up in today’s  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A separate PG article details the area’s Slovenian food.

* Canning is making a comeback, amazingly.  My great grandmother used to can foods all the time and for years, I just associated it as something that was done in days of old.  But scan the food blogs and you’ll find more than one canning fan.

* Have you heard about this nutrition prof going on a junk food binge to prove a point? I’m kind of getting sick just thinking about all of that sugar. I see the point he’s trying to make and I love chocolate as much as the next person, but if I ate junk food at every meal, I think I’d just feel like crap by the end.

* The demise of McDonald’s dollar menu is leaving people hungry in San Fran. Say what? The elimination of the uber cheap foods is causing some heartache for the city’s homeless population, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

* We hardly think about the French as an overweight people, but apparently the government is fearing a U.S.-like obesity epidemic and are now trying to promote nutrition and exercise in its schools, Global Post reports.

* Recipe Roundup: Fried apples from the Post, grilled eggplant sandwich from Simply Recipes, cherry tomato pizza from Michael Ruhlman and zucchini cakes from Meghann at Meals and Miles.

OK, that’s it for me. I have miles to walk/run (depending on my mood), errands and then it’s football time!


Oh! P.S. Congrats to Alison at the Journal-Sentinel for her third place win at the Association of Food Journalists annual competition. Post College Kitchen took 3rd for Best Food Blog. If you don’t read it, you should!


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