Lazy Blogger Syndrome

I’m suffering from LBS, or Lazy Blogger Syndrome.

Well, it’s not entirely laziness. A combination of a cold and traveling for work sort of diminished my desire to cook new foods the past few days. No new cooking = no new blogs.

So I relied on bella burgers for dinner. (One of the healthiest dinner dishes ever created)

Mashed up some overly ripe bananas and made banana bread.

And I whipped up zucchini parmesan, so that when I get home from my work trip to Jacksonville Thursday night, all I have to do is heat up some food. A great plan, right? (Side note: I really love this dish)

There are a few new recipes on my list though. First is this chicken stuffed with spinach, feta and pine nuts recipe that I’ve been meaning to make ever since I picked up Cooking Light a few weeks back.  Second is a pork chop recipe that to be honest, I’ve made before, but it’s been a super long time. It basically involves pork chops, butter, brown sugar and apples.

And on a random note, my sister emailed me the other day to tell me that she couldn’t figure out what to make the other night, so she cut up eggplant, marinated it in Ken’s Italian dressing and fried it. She claims it was oddly delicious, so now I want to try it.

Do you have any accidentally great dishes? Or what are some of your standby meals?


One thought on “Lazy Blogger Syndrome

  1. My stand-by is a huge pan of roasted veggies. Chop up some veggies, toss with some olive oil, salt and pepper, and add a few little cubes of cheese. Roast for 45 minutes, and you’re done. If you use some winter squash or potatoes as one of your veggies it can be super filling!

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