Where Did The Weekend Go?

I seriously don’t know how it go to be 6:40 Sunday night already?

I had all these plans this weekend that involved cooking, cleaning, blogging. But they did not work out so well. I did bake some brownies for a friend’s party, but that was it.  I still plan on making some dinner tonight, so maybe I will redeem myself there.

Until then, weekly foodie news.

* Anthony  Bourdain is on the lecture circuit and chatting about food. This reminds me I want to see if his episode from Madrid is online at the advice of a friend I was abroad with.

* Make your own granola bars so they are healthy as opposed to candy? Sure, why not? It’s the subject of this weeks Minimalist column by The Times’ Mark Bittman . I made some a while back and they were delicious.

* Spain and red wine. I like both of those things. 🙂

* A Post-Dispatch interview with a St. Louis casino chef.

* All about honey. It’s the bee’s knees (Or so the headline says)

* Tips for cooking for one via the Seattle Times/Food Network.

* And last but not least, a recipe for almond crumble sharing cookies from the Washington Post.


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