Sunday Morning Rain Is Falling

I’m sitting in bed reading the news on my laptop, pouting about the rain and I now can’t get this song out of my head.

But the dreary weather outside gave me plenty of time to read food news this morning and update the blog.  So, it’s not all bad I guess. I can see the sun starting to peek out though. Yay!

Anyway, food news. Ready set go!

* I am a devoted Vanity Fair reader. It’s one of my favorite magazines and it showcases some exceptional writing. I took it with me to the gym one day this week (Yes, I read on the elliptical, which I’m sure means some day I will fall off the elliptical while totally engrossed in a story) and delved into this article on Spanish chef Ferran Adria. Well worth the read.

* The Detroit Free Press dishes out advice on how to cook veggies while retaining the nutrients and the Times Colonist in Vancouver answers a reader’s question about how safe it is to cook with lard. Then WSLS10 in Roanoke gives out tips on how to best cook prawns. I wonder if you cook veggies and shrimp in lard…

* Olive oil from Georgia? Yep. A growing number of farmers are planting olive groves next to cotton, peanut and peach crops.

* The New York Times takes us in search of a good wine list.

* Recipe roundup: Sugar cookies by the Pioneer Woman, Famous barbecue pulled chicken by the mom of Eat, Live, Run and classic caesar salad topped with crab cakes from Kath Eats Real Food.

OK, that’s it for me. I hear breakfast, the grocery store and the gym all calling my name.


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