I <3 Fall

Ok, fall in Tallahassee isn’t really fall. There are no pretty leaves falling from the trees, but it does get a little bit cooler. It was int he 40s when I woke up today, and I’ll take it. Perfect for curling up with a blanket, tea and a newspaper or book.

It’s also perfect for hikes in the park, apple cider, pumpkin flavored things and road trips.

Hence a trip to Apalachicola last weekend for some seafood and random wondering around. I forgot to write about it last week, so here’s some info in case you ever want to go to Apalachicola.

Go to Owl Cafe if you are ever in the area. You won’t regret it. My friend Stephanie and I started with possibly the best bruschetta ever made and then moved on to the seafood. I had a salad topped with crab cakes and she had a soft shell crab on top of a potato pancake that was covered in this delicious cream sauce.

Can you read the food specials on the board? Amazingness.

We then swung by St. George Island for tropical drinks and this view.


But on to Sunday food news! I know I skipped last week, so I’m trying to make up for it now. Here I go!

* The Atlantic has a piece on how ‘food prescriptions’ can save our cities.

* NYC says no to food stamps for soda.

* Implementing changes in school eating trends harder than expected for some cooks, Washington Post reports.

* Kansas City Star has a review of “Cook This, Not That,” a follow up to “Eat This, Not That.”

* A Tweet-able cookbook!

* Random recipes that caught my eye: Chicken Normandy from Simply Recipes, Stuffed Shells from the Pioneer Woman, pumpkin cheesecake mentioned in Post College Kitchen.


Ok, gotta run. I have a date with Gold’s Gym!


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