A Few Days In Tally

I’m back in Tally!

Well, only for a few days. I got back Thursday night and I leave again Tuesday morning. So I had the laziest weekend ever to rest up. It was delightful.

Needless to say, my attempts at cooking the past few day have been pathetic. Pathetic as in I ate a bowl of granola for dinner Friday night.

But, I figured I’d at least round up the week’s foodie news. So here it goes!

* OK, first of all, turkeys are on the minds of food editors everywhere with Thanksgiving themed magazine issues (I’m talking to you Bon Appetit and Cooking Light) and random Thanksgiving suggestions in food sections of major papers. The Butterball Hotline remains an old-school standard in an era of a gazillion food websites, reports the LA Times. gives you 10 ways to cook a turkey and the Chicago Tribune warns of Thanksgiving fire hazards.

I have to admit, any time I read about the Butterball Hotline, I think of this West Wing clip. It’s hysterical.


OK, back to the newsiness portion.

* Food writer Molly O’Neill has gathered more than 600 recipes from people who just like to cook, not the pros, writes the Washington Post. O’Neill’s new book is called “One Big Table.”

* Bon Appetit has collected the best recipes for meatballs, whether it’s good ol’ fashioned spaghetti and meatballs or Moroccan Beef Meatball Tagine. When I was a little kid, I used to request spaghetti and meatballs for my birthday every year. I also believe that our family friend Betty, who babysat my sister and me when we were little, makes the best meatballs. (Don’t worry, my mom knows this,  so I don’t think she’s feeling slighted right now)

* The Post takes on chestnuts on an open fire.

* A Wisconsin library is accepting food donations in lieu of late library fines during the holiday months to increase donations to the food pantry.


OK, that’s it. Have a lovely Sunday!


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