News, News, News

T-6 days until Christmas!

Have you finished your shopping yet? I’m only struggling with my grandpa, who is one of the hardest people to buy for. I must figure this out by the end of the day. In the meantime, I’m having a rather domestic day filled with cooking and cleaning (accompanied by Christmas music and perhaps some football)

I started with pancakes and am now on to butternut squash soup and peanut butter blossoms (the cookie with the hershey kiss in the middle — one of my favorite Christmas cookies!).

But until then, foodie news!

* It’s been rather cold in Florida the last few weeks. I’m actually serious. Lows in the teens in Tallahassee is not what I expected when I moved here. It hasn’t been quite that cold farther south, but cold enough to jeopardize many of the crops that bring in a substantial amount of income to Florida. Florida orange juice, anyone?

* Twenty-two food gifts to give, according to the LA Times. Alison at the Journal-Sentinel also has her own list of food-related gifts.

* Christmas brunch recipes from my Daily Collegian pal Kelsey, who is an editor at a magazine in Annapolis and loves to cook.

* Maya Angelou has a cookbook out, reports NPR. I don’t know what her recipes would be like, but her books and poems are so wonderful that I don’t think it really matters. Side note: She’ll be speaking in Tallahassee in January!

* Also, a new book of letters between Julia Child and friend Avis DeVoto has hit the bookshelves, reports USA Today.  I love when historians find letters and put them into books. I’m continually pondering what happens with my generation in this respect. We don’t write letters and we don’t save emails typically. How will historians measure the thinkers of the future?

* Some tips for cooks who hope to avoid packing on the calories to their holiday feasts, from Patch.

OK, I have to get moving. My sister has added a holiday errands to my to-do list, so I’m off to the mall. Happy Sunday!



One thought on “News, News, News

  1. My grandpa is always the hardest to buy for too! We have a joke in our family that he’ll always get socks or sugar free candy (he’s diabetic)…I was thisclose to getting him socks and candy just for laughs when I found him the perfect shirt in the nick of time!

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