More Than Easy Mac Resolutions

Three and a half hours until 2011!

It’s also a half hour until I’m supposed to be en route to a friend’s party and do you think I am dressed for this? No, of course not. I’m sitting at my laptop tweeting and blogging and listening to music.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about a New Year’s resolution for the past week, but couldn’t really narrow it down to one. For 2010, I vowed to cook one new recipe per week and try to go to the gym four times per week. Well, I stuck to both of those until about October (which I think was pretty good) and then completely went off the rails. I was traveling a lot, which affected both of those goals.

So, here’s to 2011…

* Eat less sugar. I really love to bake and I have a major sweet tooth. I think chocolate makes everything better. But, I realized over Christmas that I was just getting way too much sugar.

Make more vegetarian dishes. I kind of stole this one from Kelsey at What Tasty Food, but I don’t think she’ll mind. I do try to make a lot of veggie entrees, but I feel like there are more out there that I could be trying. It’s a healthy and tasty resolution.

* Journal. I used to keep a journal all the time and I somehow got away from it. But, I think it’s a really good outlet.

* Cross more travel destinations off my list. I crossed several cities off my “want to visit” list this year, including Nashville and Phoenix/Grand Canyon. Where to next year? My friends are tentatively planning a New Orleans trip (that also coincides with my 26th bday)  and I’d love to hit another travel destination or two. I’m also trying to visit my best grad school pal Andrea in Ukraine if possible.


OK, I gotta get moving! Happy New Year!


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