How Is It Already Sunday?

Seriously, this week was so long and the weekend went by so fast!

My parents are visiting for a few days, so yesterday I took them to lovely Apalachicola for some seafood and shopping, plus St. George Island so my mom could say she went to the beach. (A saying in my family is “we’re not beach people,” so my mom was getting made fun of for coming to Florida, but not going to the beach).

So, it’s time to add in the week’s news before I make my favorite risotto dish for my parents. Hoping my Dad likes this. Last night,  he made a face when I said I was going to make portabella burgers and said he would prefer crackers and cheese.  My mom was happy with the bella burgers though. 🙂

* 10 Hearty Winter Soups, from the Atlantic. I love, love, love soup. I love making a big batch of soup and taking it to work during the week. I’ve particularly got my eye on a Tuscan White Bean soup in the Atlantic slideshow.

* I won’t lie, I kind of want to find a way to be in Orlando March 5-6, even though it’s right before the legislative session starts. It’s only a four hour drive!

* Americans are fooling themselves when it comes to healthy eating, a CNN blog says.

* The world cannot have too many Italian grandmothers, Newsday says. I’d love someone to make me Italian food. Side note: My mom and I are making fettuccine this week after my Dad heads back home because he doesn’t like it. Or well, I should say, my mom is making fettuccine, and I’m going to come home from work and eat it.

* Hungry Girl is making the jump from the cyber world to television, the LA Times reports, with a new show on the Cooking Channel.

* Emeril + Hallmark = new show, NPR reports.

OK, gotta get going on the risotto!


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