A Nittany Lion Christmas

I completely failed at posting this last month, but when my friend Rachel heard about it, she asked why hadn’t written about it on the blog, so here we go.

The Nittany Lion (or Santa depending on who you ask) brought my sister and me something for Christmas.

This is the Penn State cookbook, a staple in my mom’s cookbook collection. For Christmas, she and my dad (excuse me, the Nittany Lion) wanted to give Sarah and me each a copy. But, they found that the book is out of print. The alumni association stopped printing it several years ago. The copyright is 1988 and includes recipes from several alumni, including SuePa, who provides the recipe for Toll House pie, one of my absolute favorites.

Luckily, after some scrounging around on Amazon, they were able to locate two copies.

I love paging through this cookbook and when my mom was here this past week, she told me to call her before I make anything so she can give me her notes on particular recipes as she has been making them for almost 20 years. It’s sort of a nice thing that she, Sarah and I can share. My sister has already been sitting at the kitchen table writing my mom’s notes into her copy of the book. We’ve been totally nerding out about this cookbook if you can’t tell.

There were some family recipes that I didn’t even know came from this cookbook. For example, my favorite apple cake that my mom wrote down the ingredients for before I moved away comes from this book. I’ve already written down 15 dishes (and their respective pages in the cookbook) on a notepad to try. They include mushroom-wild rice soup, pane Italiano, pepperoni bread, Far East chicken and a ton of other things. The cookbook also includes all the requisite tailgate dishes.

So, no recipes from me today, but I wanted to share this cookbook with you. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of it in the future.

Happy Saturday!


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