My Detox Menu

I feel like all the heavy eating from the holidays never really ended.

With my parents in town last Friday through Wednesday, we were eating out a lot and of course my mom made me fettuccine and chicken noodle soup, so I was in carb heaven for the past few days and am coming crashing down now. I also failed on reducing my sugar intake (a New Year’s resolution) because I had a lot more alcohol than usual. Though I didn’t consume a whole lot on any particular night, I had a drink or two every night this week, which is highly unusual for me. As a result, I’m feeling a bit dehydrated.

Time to get back to normal, and I figured posting it on the blog would make me more accountable. I’m calling it my detox menu, even though it’s probably no where close to what a real detox diet is.

I usually write out my weekly menu ahead of time to help me plan for grocery shopping and it never takes too long, but I went through three different versions before I came up with this. The first was too meat heavy and the second wasn’t really working with different events going on throughout the week.

And with that the menu:


B: Scrambled egg and fruit

L: Salad and fruit

D: Turkey burger and veggies


B; Oatmal

L: Chipotle (I know this sounds funny, but I have a gift card and I actually eat a pretty light burrito because I don’t like guacamole or sour cream on mine. I also sometimes don’t eat dinner when I have this for lunch)

D: Roasted veggies (if I’m hungry after Chipotle)


B: Oatmeal

L: Chicken salad

D: Soup and wine party 🙂


B: Oatmeal

L: Leftover soup

D: Chicken salad and fruit


B: Oatmeal

L: Soup and fruit

D: WFTR (My mom’s acronym for “whatever falls out of the refrigerator”)


Brunch: I won a free breakfast crepe from The Crepevine (love them, but haven’t tried it for breakfast)

Dinner: Fish and veggies


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