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What I’m Eating

I gotta be honest. Last week was very long and I didn’t cook a whole lot. This week promises to be better, but I’m not sure I’m feeling all that creative in the kitchen.

Does anyone else have those weeks?

So, here’s what I’m making/eating in case you are moved to try any of these recipes.

* Bean Soup — It cooked overnight while I was fast asleep. Now I have lunch or dinner for a few days. (The picture below is before it is cooked.)

* Stuffed peppers — Tuna was on BOGO (who doesn’t love a good BOGO), so I’m making red peppers stuffed with tuna Wednesday.

* Spaghetti. Come on…sometimes you don’t want to really cook. You just want spaghetti.

* Chicken with mushrooms — This is the one new recipe I plan on making this week.  I had some mushrooms I needed to use up and some frozen chicken breasts.  So, through the wonders of Google, I came across this recipe. Check back for a blog post on it maybe Thursday night or Friday morning.

* Brownies from a box. One of my friends is having a Super Bowl party (Go Steelers!) and I for some reason always bake brownies from a mix when he has a gathering.

That’s all for me. I hear the gym calling my name. I’ve been slacking on the exercise front.


One thought on “What I’m Eating

  1. I get those feelings all the time–thankfully the guy and I swap weeks in the kitchen, that helps. Usually after a party or holiday I go on a convenience food kick for a week, just so I don’t have to actually cook.

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