You may have noticed…

I’ve been a bit absent from the blog world lately.


A) Started a new job with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel as its statehouse reporter (It’s really busy, but going great!)

B) Helped my best Tallahassee friend with his move to D.C. (Miss him lots!)

C) Had a friend from college visit (Shout out to Ryan)

D) Celebrated my 26th bday (Thanks to my friend Rachel, who threw a lovely little wine party for me)

And I’ve been hiking, reading, laughing and generally nerding out. But, I have not really been cooking. Well, I have been cooking, but nothing new. I’ve been sticking to tilapia, risotto, chicken in Italian dressing, chocolate chip cookies and lots of other dishes I’ve put on here before.

That has made me not want to blog. If it wasn’t a new dish, I couldn’t figure out why to put it on the blog. So, I’ve decided in an effort to blog more, I’m changing up my blog routine. Some changes you may notice are:

* I was saving any food articles I saw and putting them all out on one day. Now, I’m just going to blog them as I see them.

* More pictures and not just of food. Likes/dislikes, photos of Tallahassee or wherever I may be.

* More posts from my sister or friends whenever they want to write something. (I’m talking to you, Ashley Wiehle)


OK, that’s it. Just wanted to share that with everyone. And now, I leave you with some Sunday morning reading.

* The mystery of the shrinking napkin. The Wall Street Journal does the quirky feature better than anyone, and a food writer took on the rather strange issue that restaurant napkins have shrunk. Who knew?

* Culinary anthropology,  courtesy of the Washington Post.

* A spring vegetable slide show, from Bon Appetit.  I love vegetables, but my favorite food-related thing to spring and summer is fruit. I”m surprised I haven’t OD’d on watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches or strawberries in summers past.


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