Pittsburgh-style food

I miss my hometown a lot.

I miss Steeler Sundays in the fall, shopping and dining at the Waterfront or South Side Works, movies with my sister and Primanti Brothers sandwiches at baseball games. (Maybe this will be the year for the Pirates…I always hold out hope)

If you don’t know what a Primanti Brothers sandwich is, let me enlighten you. It’s a Pittsburgh delicacy. Or, well, something like that. It started as a truck stop, and the cooks there piled a whole meal onto one sandwich. A whole meal, you ask? That means they topped the sandwich with cole slaw and fries.

Now, I hate cole slaw, but maybe once per year, I can handle a Primanti Bros. sandwich.

I actually don’t have to go far to get Pittsburgh food. In Tallahassee, a couple who grew up in Florida, but temporarily relocated to Pittsburgh, owns a Pittsburgh bar and restaurant called Ray’s Steel City.

You can get a sandwich, pierogies, a Pittsburgh rare steak or a Pittsburgh-style salad.

A friend and I went there the other night and I ordered the steak salad. Here’s what it looked like (Sorry, you get to see the leftovers).

See those French fries?

Until I was 18-years-old I thought all grilled steak or grilled chicken salads came with French fries. No joke. I only learned it was a local thing after my freshmen college roommate and another friend expressed confusion at that concept while we were out to eat one night.

What can I say? It’s certainly not the healthiest option, but it’s kind of amazingly delicious. 🙂


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