Embracing Meatless Monday

I know I’m probably a little bit late to the game, but I’m trying to embrace “Meatless Monday.” (And yes, I know I’m posting this on Tuesday, which I’m sure my sister was about to point out.)

For those who don’t know about it, it’s an initiative started by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health aimed at reducing meat consumption by 15 percent.  Here are all of the health benefits.

I’ve been wondering how hard this would be for a lot of people to not eat meat in a day. Now, I know there are some days I do it unintentionally (a pasta recipe is usually involved). But the thing is, I like meat. If I go get a sandwich for lunch, there’s usually turkey or ham on it. Chicken is a regular dinner item. And I just don’t understand people who say they don’t like steak.

That all being said, I actually love a lot of vegetarian dishes.  Spinach pie and zucchini parmesan are practically  comfort foods from when I was little. I order a Mediterranean veggie sandwich every time I go to my favorite Italian restaurant in Tally for lunch. And roasted red pepper soup is pretty much just amazing.

So, I’ve decided to make a concentrated effort to fully embrace Meatless Mondays. Yesterday, was my first day.

Breakfast: Wheat chex with skim milk and a banana

Lunch: A mushroom-tomato-cheddar quesadilla with salsa

Dinner: A big salad from Publix with cherries on the side.

What are your favorite vegetarian dishes? Can you go meatless for a day?


3 thoughts on “Embracing Meatless Monday

  1. I am all for meatless days! Though i havent fully committed to a full day per week…i tend to intersperse my meatless meals throughout the week. However, i would look at vegetarian protein sources. The only source of protein in your meals is the milk and cheddar cheese. Consider adding a hard boiled egg to your salad, greek yogurt or cottage cheese at breakfast, and so on!!

  2. Awesome! I am full-time vegan for about 2 years, so I am happy when people embrace a Meatless Monday (or more) routine! There is a plethora of resources and since you are just going vegetarian those days, not vegan, it’s so much easier! vegweb.com is a vegan recipe database. Meatless Mondays also should have an e-mail subscription, as I get one once a week. Good luck!

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