Tilapia Day

I have always liked seafood, but I think it’s safe to say that I eat fish much more regularly now than I did growing up in Pennsylvania.

See, when I first moved to Tallahassee and was getting used to setting up my non-student kitchen/grocery list/life, I started buying bags of frozen fish. I figured that fish was good for me and it was way more economical for me to buy the frozen stuff than fresh fish, even though fresh would be nice. I started with perch because my Mom used to make that all the time growing up. But after about six months, I decided to try tilapia.

Until then, tilapia was just that fish that my Dad sometimes ordered when we were out at restaurants.

I became a tilapia fan and I probably make it more than anything else now. But I am on a mission to find new ways to make it. I’ve made a parmesan one, a blackened one and an almond encrusted version.

Here were last night’s ingredients:

I slightly adapted the recipe from a Spark Recipe (I have an obsession with that site).

Ingredients: Two fish fillets, 1 1/2 tbsp butter, 1/2 tbsp of lemon juice, garlic powder and paprika for seasoning

Directions: Melt butter and add lemon juice. Pour mixture over fish in frying pan, cooking on medium heat. While fish is cooking, season to taste with garlic powder and paprika. Flip fish to other side after about four minutes and season.

Serve With: I went with rice and mushrooms. I always have rice with fish and honestly, I had mushrooms because that’s what was in my refrigerator at the time. I threw them into the frying pan after I removed the fish.

How Was It?: It was OK, but not my favorite. It was very light and easy to eat though. There was no dominant flavor. I think I should have used regular garlic instead of garlic powder.  One of my friends actually wound up being a last minute guest for dinner and said he liked it, but I’m not sure he would have said it was bad anyway. 🙂



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