My name is Kathleen and I cannot make an omelette

Another day of working from my big, comfy red chair. It’s actually a rather pleasant setting for writing, though I do miss going into the office a little bit. But the doctors have ordered me to rest, so I am resting. Sort of. 🙂

About mid morning I got the idea that I wanted an egg white omelette for lunch. I have no idea why. I’m not sure I’ve ever had an egg white omelette, just the regular  kind. But I was on a mission to make one by noon.

There was only one minor issue.

I can’t make omelettes. I don’t know why. Something about them just sort of eludes me.

But I went for it anyway.

Ingredients: Egg whites from three eggs, cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes and sliced mushrooms. (I think the amount of cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms is sort of up to you.)

Directions: Coat pan with Pam (or butter if you are out of Pam, which I was) and pour in egg whites. Cook on medium. As they are turning white, but not cooked all the way through, add in the cheese, tomato and mushrooms. When the whites have completely cooked (as in they are white and not clear), take a spatula and fold the eggs in half so the other ingredients are sandwiched in between. Press down so it’s kind of sticking together and then transfer to plate.

Serve With: I didn’t have regular bread, so I toasted sandwich thins.

How Was It: It needed way more cheese. I had just sort of sprinkled a little bit in there and it just wasn’t enough. It also didn’t turn out too pretty as some of the ingredients fell out when I folded it. Oops. Oh well.


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