Summer = Veggies

My mom likes to tell this story of how once when my sister and I were little, she was accompanying my sister up to the salad bar at a restaurant. Sarah was probably 5 or 6 at the time and she and my mom were met with stares from a fellow restaurant patron who proceeded to ask my mom what she did to get Sarah to eat vegetables. My mom shrugged and replied that Sarah just liked them.

It’s true. Both my sister and I love vegetables. (So do our parents, so it’s probably an inherited love) All meals at my parents’ or grandparents’ houses involved a vegetable. My grandma also usually served salad in addition to the heated vegetable that accompanied the meal. Corn on the cob, carrots, mixed veggies, zucchini with walnuts, etc.

This is particularly true in the summer. Any time my parents grill for dinner, corn on the cob usually accompanies the main dish. My Dad insists on having corn holders, but Sarah, our mom and I are not that fussy.

And as it is 4th of July weekend, I decided it was the perfect time for an all veggie lunch. (Don’t worry, there will be grilling later in the weekend) I’m not sure why, but it is something that I only started doing since I moved to Florida a few years ago. To me, an all veggie lunch does not seem very Pittsburgh-like, unless, of course, there are french fries involved.

This is the perfect, easy summer meal.

Lunch: Publix Salad from a bag with balsamic vinegar for dressing (I’m not a salad dressing fan). Corn on the cob (husk, rinse and wrap in wax paper. Microwave for three minutes). Roasted zucchini and tomatoes (Slice vegetables, coat with 1 tbsp of olive oil and assorted spices. I used pepper, basil and oregano. Cook in oven for about 10 minutes on 350 degrees)

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