Recipes I’ve been meaning to try…

Just because I’ve been all consumed by home improvement/HGTV/home decor blogs for the past month, doesn’t mean I have totally neglected cooking. I just haven’t really made anything worth blogging. (Aka spaghetti)

It’s more like I’ve been looking at cooking blogs/newspaper cooking sections and bookmarking recipes to try.

* Summer white bean soup

* Grilled portabello caps

* Foccacia with caramelized onions, blue cheese and pear

* Low far chocolate zucchini bread

* Grilled pineapple

* Light mac ‘n’ cheese (i think this just sounds wrong, but this site has never steered me wrong)

* Grilled chicken with spinach and mozzarella

OK, lunch break is over. Time to stop drooling over some of these recipes and get back to work. Newspaper articles don’t write themselves!



One thought on “Recipes I’ve been meaning to try…

  1. HAVE to try this summer white bean soup. Plus its crock-pot friendly? BONUS! Will come back and let you know how it turns out! Thinking dinner would be served with a fresh baguette and a lemon, EVOO and arugula salad. Beautiful…now I am hungry. 🙂 Thanks for the great ideas!

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