My problem with pancakes

I have a problem.

I love pancakes, but I am terrible at making them. Specifically, I tend to burn or undercook them. I often screw up when I’m flipping them just creating a mess.  And sometimes they end up in pieces.

Exhibit A

I flipped the pancake too soon and it completely fell apart. Oops.

Or sometimes this happens.

Exhibit B

It looks like a pancake omelet.

Truth be told, this morning was one of my more successful attempts at pancakes. Aside from these two, the rest flipped well and were a nice golden brown. Some were a tiny bit undercooked, but not terribly so.

Don’t worry, i only had three.  I just put them out for the picture. 🙂

Ingredients:  2 cups Bisquick, 1 cup milk, two eggs, Pam (or butter if you don’t have Pam) to coat the pan

Directions: Mix bisquick, milk and eggs together.  Coat frying pan with Pam. Pour out batter in 1/4 cup increments. Flip pancake when it starts to stiffen and you see bubbles forming in the batter.


At least they still taste good, no matter how much I butcher them.


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