Mondays mean Menus

Happy Monday!

Everyone likes a cute cat picture to start the day, right? 🙂

I realized yesterday, as I was making out my menu/grocery list for the week, that I’m much more likely to stick to my menu (i.e. eat healthy) if I blog it.  So, here’s what I’m eating/blogging this week.


B: Oatmeal

L: Tuna sandwich, salad, fruit

D: Grilled portabella, salad, fruit   (Blog post — trying new marinade)


B: Leftover Pancakes

L: Summer White bean soup (Blog post coming)

D: Turkey burger, fruit


B: Oatmeal

L:  Sandwich, fruit, yogurt

D:  Fish and vegetables (potentially a blog post on a new fish recipe)


B:  Oatmeal

L:  Sandwich, yogurt, veggies

D:  soup, fruit, carrots


B: Leftover Pancakes

L:  Sandwich,

D:  WFTR (Acronym by mom for What Falls Out of the Refrigerator)


B: Oatmeal


D: Grilled chicken with spinach and mozzarella, salad (Blog post)

Now, it’s off to work I go!

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