Baking bacon

I seem to have an issue with making breakfast food. I frequently screw up trying to flip pancakes and I burn bacon to a crisp.

Seriously, the bacon seems to go from undercooked to burned right before my eyes. This morning, I figured out away around that.

Bake it!

I was wasting time on Pinterest last night (Way too addicting) and noticed that someone had pinned a post on baking bacon.  Since I am constantly screwing up bacon, I decided to try it.

Directions: Spray baking tray with cooking spray. Place bacon on tray and cook at 375 for about 15 -18 minutes. (I would check it at 15 to see how it looks. May vary depending on the oven.) Remove from tray and sandwich between paper towels on a plate to reduce grease.

The bacon was cooked evenly all the way through.


One thought on “Baking bacon

  1. We love doing bacon this way–it’s so much simpler and way less messy. Two tips, though:

    Lining the tray with foil saves you tons of clean-up (and can make saving the bacon grease, if you do that, even easier: instant funnel!) and, really, spraying the pan is unnecessary (unless you’re using turkey bacon).

    If you have a drying rack of any kind, you can set it (legs folded under) on the lined baking sheet and place the bacon on it, thus allowing the grease to fall away and saving you time and paper towels.

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