When the copy desk screws up Christmas cookies

It was a hectic week here in Tallahassee, which included a quick work trip to Orlando.  But before I traveled four hours south, I was determined to try a new cookie recipe that I found on Pinterest.

It didn’t look hard. Basically, you buy Keebler’s grasshopper cookies and dip them in melted white chocolate. Then, you sprinkle crushed candy cane or peppermints on top.  Sounded delicious and not too hard.

Then, my job collided with my cookie plans.

It was all going well, the ingredients were bought, the peppermint was crushed and the chocolate was melting on the stove.

Then, just as the white chocolate was reaching a deliciously melted point, I realized I’d missed a phone call from a night editor in Fort Lauderdale. I dutifully called back and answered the editor’s question.  Unfortunately, when I did this, I walked into the other room. when I returned, my chocolate had gone from the perfectly melted point to burned.

Result: No cookies.

I blame the copy desk.


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